89th Ibaraki Baseball Tournament Round 2


Furukawa vs. Katsuta 4-2 ○

Both did not hit until 3 times.
The game has moved 4 times. First is Furukawa 3. The first batter is base on DB. Sato sent in a bunt, and from 2 out, Nakamura’s three base timely one point ahead. After that, another hit was added in the Yamanaka hit before the light. Although Arai made consecutive hits, he could not connect after that. A solo HR was struck on the back of the fourth inning, and a point was scored 2-1.
In the 5th inning, Furukawa 3 made a 1st runner 2nd base with Takasawa’s two-base hit but did not score.
6 times table. Noguchi was a two-base hit for the first base, and Nakamura was a base run and one outrunner was the third base. Added 1 point with Arai’s hit in front of the center. Okada added another point with a two-base hit between the left and right. Sato scored a bunt hit in front of the third and made a 2nd outrunner 1st and 3rd base but didn’t score.
In the back of the 8th inning, he was hit with a hit in front of the center from the 1st out and added one point to Katsuta in the timely front of the center and timely in front of the center.
9 times back. The first batter is out in the fireball. Next, a hit in front of the center resulted in a no-out runner 1-2 base. Despite being hit by a series of hits in front of the center in a row, the runners touched out at home and still had one outrunner 1-2 base. The next batter is struck out and 2 out. , The game ended with 3 outs in front of the third.

There is also the fact that the first race, very tense game Did !! were
among the chilly temperatures, people who came to support in spite of the weekday, thank you very much ◇ ◆ ◇
become a team united to Ikeru in on winning at this rate I will do my best to support you in the third round as well!!!

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