Horse Racing Mile Cs Advance Forecast


After a long time, I will analyze the running horses on the blog,
and I will make predictions by focusing on the development from the leg quality of each horse.

I was a little surprised at the low tension comment of Admire Max on Taketoyo’s website. At the Queen Elizabeth Cup, attention was focused on the second-strong confrontation,
and Take-san was unusually splendidly selected by Mr. Ikezoe. This time
I thought that I was burning with humiliation, but that comment. I’m separated from Durandal inside and outside, and
Admire Max is really good, and I can’t deny it.
Earlier, G?Qi-Soo-Tao-San? was also a modest comment. This time, I will
see up to the third place in a race that does not run.

By the way, although it is Durandal, he
will show the race of Ogai all the way to the end. Although Durandal has won quite a lot even when he goes around Ogai, that horse race is a
trick that cannot be done unless development is appropriate. However, even if you drive in, you
can not think about the disadvantages of going around Ogai. You can’t disturb Durandal in the front.
In other words, depending on the deployment, there may be enough second, third, or fourth place.
Then, if Durandal loses, it is a
case that is decided in the front while being thrown out by being messed up in the slow Yeouido horse racing. Or in a middle length horse race, the
front runs away at my own pace.

Now, let’s move on to the consideration of the pace.

Escape Loengrin, Big Planet

Leading Line Craft, Balance of Game, Daiwa Major
Tanino Martini

Azuma Sanders, Albileo, Winradius, Kinetics

Hut-trick, Minerherty, Sidewinder, Durandal
Dance in the Mood, Telegnosis, Likiai Taikan

Freedom Admire Max

First of all, in the Swan Stakes, escape the Galant arrow from
beginning to end. Big Planet Wada struggled from the bottom, and here is a low-angling
horizontal ride with no results at all. It’s hard to imagine which one will escape.
I want to think that whichever escapes, it will keep pace to some extent and escape.
Don’t think slow. However, I doubt how much I will have.
The pace per triangle and square depends on the leading force.

The leading force wants us to do our best to escape, but
it will be an early mechanism just because the driving force runs out. I often comment that I do my own horse racing, but
I can not beat the driving force in comparison. Minecraft has an unknown charm, but
other parts of Daiwa and balance are places where you want to start early.

How about the momentum? A horse that doesn’t rise is a quick move and a
horse that has a sharp edge around Azuma is just about to endure.

There are a lot of attention horses, mainly Durandal. The
deployment will be decided depending on how the driving force is going. That Durandal is a horse that stands up to the last minute
I know enough, but still, do you go behind Durandal or in the shape of a horse, or
do you start from the triangle or the square first? If the front is easy to remain, it
will be set early. Dance in the mood was before autumn, but how about miles? As with
last year, I thought I would bet on a drive, but was Kitamura only Fujisawa’s predecessor?
There seems to be no strategy for Ankatsu. How about the side Matsunaga? Is Katsuura Telegu
a gimmick because there is a pulse? The Perrier hat trick is a very popular but sharp horse. Where
you want to avoid horse racing early.

By the way, I thought that Taketoyo was clearly aiming for the previous system. However, this is a straightforward
approach. Everybody knows if you consider Durandal’s qualities. In autumn, Take was
able to predict slow, but I didn’t know.

Either way, I expect it to be advantageous. And while thinking while writing a blog,
Takeshi saw that he was aiming for the interests of fishermen, despite his comments.
From the standpoint of Mr. Take, on the contrary, G? Pyogenic savvy and Ryubei Yukari Yukari Sorakusho Resume?
That kind of horse should have a strong desire to make a hole.
Do you want to win the miles you haven’t won? I saw
that many horses were driving along with Durandal, and many horses were driving in. It has an advantage in the past. Mare’s way is key

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