Be Aware of Your Goals


First of all, after warming up, after the coach, I did various movements such as jogging, sidestepping, skipping, and crossing steps, and performed 5 rounds of the ground to stretch.

Recently, the temperature is very low and cold, so my muscles and joints are solid. Warming up is very important to prevent injuries. Please come a little early so that you can practice smoothly and do whatever you can to do stretching and doing on your own.

Next, we practiced face-to-face pass in two places.

The condition is to trap with your right foot (left foot) and make a pass with your right foot (left foot). Then trap with your right foot and make a pass with your left foot. Trap with your left foot and make a pass with your right foot. After issuing the pass, dash into DF.

Although it is a basic practice, it was instructed that the foot to be trapped and the foot to put out the pass are limited, so that you should firmly imagine where you should stop to make the pass before the ball comes.

Next, we practiced dividing each square cone and putting a path diagonally.

In this exercise, let’s judge the situation by looking around from the coach so that you don’t hit the other pair of people on the diagonal when making a pass !! I was advised.

Next, one-on-one practice using the entire court.

There was a lot of space because it was a one-on-one using a wide court, and there were many players who took time to dribble. If you spend a lot of time in the game, enemies will gather and the probability of reaching the goal will below. Many coaches will dodge a shot with one feint after the instruction from the coach to ” take goals quickly and score a goal in a short time “, and many players will shoot if the course is open before the enemy is evaded. I was able to see it, and I realized that I was aiming for a goal sooner.

Next, we practiced 2 to 2.

The condition was to make a pass after exchanging one pass with an ally.

From coach

・Voicely tell your position and where you want it
・Make a pass course to aim at the goal
・Have an image of the next play before you get the ball
・Use the court widely and the angle at which you can shoot spread

There was an instruction, and I practiced consciously were to move to get a pass to reach the goal, not to move blindly but to move with an image.

The next exercise is shooting practice.

Instead of the usual post and dribble shots, the coach picked up the ball from the half-line from the middle of the sideline and took a one-touch shot.

From coach

・Look closely at the ball

・Place the shaft foot firmly beside the ball

・Adjust timing

・Shake to make a strong impact with the front kick

However, there were few players who could finish because it was a very difficult practice. It’s a good practice to be aware of your goals, so continue practicing as much as you can.

Finally, the game is completed with the game in mind that you practiced today.

I practiced passing, dribbling, and shooting within an hour, but all of this was the practice to take goals. Soccer is a sport that steals goals. No matter how good you play football, you can’t win a match without losing goals. Always keep your goals in mind and play happily.

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