Bicycle Race is a Public Competition


When I was a study of the bicycle race, … I’ve been full out difficult words

e and, according to my bicycle race of your study,

1. Bicycle racing is a public bicycle race sponsored by local governments in accordance with the law called the Bicycle Competition Law.

2. The operation of bicycle races is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and there are four organizations that support the operation of bicycle races: the Japan Bicycle Promotion Association, the National Enforcement Council, the National Bicycle Competition, and the Japan Bicycle Riders Association. ..

Huh~6 years old are all too difficult words for me…

But the words of the Japan Bicycle Association came with a pinch!
After all, I’m good friends with M, a beautiful woman from the Japan Bicycle Riders Association Wakayama Branch!

M knows everything about players!

Bicycle racing is a public bicycle race, but it has a strong image of “gambling .”

But after studying, I realized that the profits of bicycle races are all useful for public works such as social welfare and physical education, except for necessary expenses such as prize money for athletes!

I didn’t know that it helps a lot of people!

By the way, I introduced it to the Waka-chan community, but I also visited the “children’s facilities”, held “charity auctions”, and contributed to the welfare activities of the Wakayama bicycle race players.

Waka-chan community “Athlete’s charity auction”

Waka-chan community “Asahi Gakuen Christmas Tour”

And in order to keep fairness in the bicycle race, the inspection of athletes is very strict from the day before the race.

The day before the race, you will go to the dormitory of the stadium where the race will be held and the health check of the bicycle and the athlete will be done.

Also, on the race day, I will check the bike and my health condition by doing a pre-run check 2 hours before the start of the first race.

Also, no contact with the outside is allowed from the day before to the end of the race on the last day.
Even in case of an emergency call, it is thorough enough that the person in charge will respond instead.

Athletes can’t go out until the match is over.
However, I can enjoy a fair race because there are such strict inspections.

When you ask that no contact with the outside is allowed, you can’t really understand what it looks like inside the dormitory?

Next time, I’ll sneak into the player’s dormitory. Fun fun~ ☆

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