The Quest for a Better Home Entertainment Experience


Despite the scare stories put out there by cinema chains at risk from growing online audiences and against the backdrop of the high prices associated with the movie-going-experience these days, there is something to be said for watching films at home.

Yes, there really is nothing like the cinema for top-notch picture and sound, plus the opportunity to experience the movie as it was meant to be enjoyed; however, this is not always possible. The cost of the movies is prohibited, but this is not the only issue.

The time factor should also not be ignored. It is not like there are so many cinemas out there, you can just pop down to your local multiplex to enjoy the latest releases whenever you feel like it. Life gets in the way, so sometimes the only real option is to stick on a Blu-ray disc or DVD and watch something at home instead.

The problem with film piracy should not be swept under the carpet. While many people think it is okay to download the biggest blockbusters, this will have an impact on how the film studios deliver their products. It is more expensive to see titles on the big screen, but there are no excuses for downloading illegally.

Forget the morality of it, the quality is usually quite poor anyhow. In no way does it really satisfy the exciting urge to witness the film in all its glory. It is a quick fix, that’s all.

What home-bound film lovers really want is a (legal) way to let their imaginations run wild, by enjoying movies as close to the cinema experience as is possible. The main limitations to this are the cost of a home cinema system, but forgetting the outlay for a flatscreen TV and other equipment for a moment, the choice is what has previously been missing.

Now, with the growing popularity of online streaming, users have more options than ever before. Even if you aren’t signed up to satellite or cable subscription services offered by the likes of Sky and Virgin Media, you can decide on Blinkbox (by Tesco), Netflix or LoveFilm instead.

The opportunity to watch the latest titles in full high definition is appealing and with films available much sooner than in the past, film companies are cottoning on to the fact that consumers want a better overall home cinema experience and a greater choice of movies if they are to enjoy them legally.

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