Effective Ways to Make Your Bathroom Easy to Clean


For most of us, cleaning the bathroom is one of the least appealing jobs on our to-do list. You might dread the idea of scrubbing sinks and cleaning toilets, especially if you’ve got a larger family, and your bathroom gets a lot of use. At the same time, you might love the satisfaction that comes from a sparkling clean bathroom. It feels like you’ve worked hard when your taps shine, and the room smells fragrant. Relaxing in a hot bath is certainly more enjoyable if you know that it has been recently cleaned. It’s just a shame that bathrooms take plenty of elbow grease and time to get to a sparkling level and that our hard work doesn’t tend to last for very long. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to make your bathroom easier to clean. Here’s a look at some of them.

Use the Right Materials

Many bathrooms are hard to clean because they consist of cheap, grubby materials and poorly finished tile work. This can give dirt, grime, mold , and limescale places to grow and to cling on to even after cleaning, meaning that your bathroom is never spotless, no matter how hard you work at it.

So, you’ll want to retile your bathroom with durable materials. For example, you could look for a specialist in porcelain tiles Leeds based, as these are known to be on-trend and long-lasting. Also, make sure you take your time with grouting, and your bathroom will be far easier to clean. You might also want to upgrade your bathroom furniture and reseal the units with anti-mold silicon.

Get Rid of Dirt Traps

Fussy decorative cabinets, overcrowded accessories, shower trays with sliding door rails, and free-standing furniture all give dirt a place to hide and grow.

Keeping things simple by removing any unnecessary accessories and furniture is a great start. Then, when your sink and toilet need replacing, consider investing in wall-mounted options, which can be far easier to clean and keep clean.

Walk-in showers or showers with hinged doors can also be easier to clean, as they don’t have thin rails, which trap dirt, soap scum, and other debris.

Prioritise Ventilation

Poorly ventilated bathrooms often become damp and moldy. In these rooms, where the humidity is very high, bacteria can quickly grow, black mould can spread, and the air quality can be poor. If you don’t have an extractor fan or vent, consider installing one or at least make sure you can leave your window open to reduce moisture.

No Groove Furniture

Square, blocky bathroom furniture can be popular. But, anywhere there’s a corner, there’s a comfortable place for dirt to sit and a hard place for you to clean. Instead, choose a rounded sink, toilet, and tub with curves, instead of harsh lines. This will make them much smoother and easier to clean.

An easy to clean bathroom doesn’t just look better; the truth is that if our washrooms are easier to clean, we’re far more likely to do it or to do it more often. This can mean that it’s more hygienic and fresher, helping your family to stay clean and healthy.

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