4 Things You Need To Know About Solid Wood Flooring


Hardwood floors are a very popular type of flooring that people love. It looks stylish, elegant, and timeless all at the same time. Hardwood floors are a classic option that goes with any type of room, be it trendy, modern, rustic, or luxurious. Hardwood floors blend in perfectly with the interior of any room. Because they are so famous, here are some things you should know about hardwood floors.

  1. The Cost Of Solid Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are available in the price range of $2 to $8 per foot. The price varies with the thickness, type, and color of the wood. Hardwood floors are re-engineered wood, which helps them to be water-resistant and prevents molds from forming as well. The installation price, if you are hiring someone to do the work for you, will be around $2 per foot. But the great thing about hardwood floors is that you can install them by yourself too if you have the nerve and patience. It just takes some patience and alignment, then you can save the money of installation of the hardwood floors. 

  1. The Life Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are very reliable. Generally, solid wood flooring will last you around 50 years, if you maintain it and take care of it properly. You should get it checked and re-polished every so often. This will add more years to the hardwood floor’s life and it will last longer. Engineered wood is thought to last for about 30 to 40 years. So, all in all, hardwood floors are a very long-lasting type of flooring. 

The Life Of Hardwood Floors
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  1. The Maintenance Of Hardwood Floors

One drawback of hardwood floors is that they show a lot of dust, especially if you have wooden floors in a darker color. The dust shows up a lot, which means that you have to clean it every single day. Dry sweeping and mopping are the answer to this problem. Make sure you are letting your wood floors dry all the way after mopping. You don’t want to leave the floors damp, otherwise, it will weaken the wood floors and decrease their lifespan. Also, you need to get the wood touched up with varnish and polish every 9 to 12 months, to maintain its shine and color. 

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  1. How To Clean Solid Wood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors is very easy. All you need is a sweeping brush and a wet mop. First, start with sweeping away any dust and dirt from the floors. After dry sweeping, you can get your wet mop ready. The cleaning solution should be simple, such as soap and water. Mop the floors away and let them dry completely. You can turn on your fan to make the process faster. Daily cleaning will ensure that the floors always look clean and well taken care of.  

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