What Makes Canon Printer Un-Responsive? How to Fix it?

Posted on : 04 May, 2018

Are you using a Canon Printer and not able to print through it? The moment you try to set up your printer or print through it, you get a response from it saying “Canon Printer Not Responding”. Then, in this case, you do not have to worry much as you have landed to the correct place, where you can find a solution for this issue.

Method 1: Check for Connection

The first thing you need to do is check whether your printer is connected to the correct power source and it is switched on. Also, make sure that the wires are not damaged.

Method 2: Cross Examine the Wireless Network

Those you are using the wireless Canon Printer should connect it to the local wireless network. Ensure that your wireless network is active and your router is supplying uninterrupted power supply. Apart from this, also make sure that both your printer and computer are connected to the same network. In case, you are not able to set up your Wireless local network then better take help from engineers at Canon Printer Support Number UK.

If you have checked both these things, and still you are getting this issue, then you should proceed to the next step as there is a possibility that the problem is associated with printer software.

Method 3: Go to Devices and Printers

• Click Start menu and go to Control Panel to select Devices and Printers.
• Now look for your printer in the list. Your printer will be displayed with its model number.
• If you can’t find your printer that means you haven’t set up your printer yet.
• To add a new printer you can operating system’s default “Add a printer” option.

Method 4: Inspect Your Printer Driver

• If you could find your printer in the list, then select your printer and open Printer Properties.
• In printer Properties window, go to Drivers tab to check details about your driver’s version.
• If your driver is outdated then updated it or get the latest version of the driver installed for it.

Method 5: Verify Your Print Queue

A print queue lets you know about print jobs in the process and pending print jobs. By examining print queue you can deeply learn about printer activities.
• Open Start Menu and click on Control Panel.
• From there, visit “Device and Printers”.
• Look for your printer from the list and right-click it.
• Then tap on “See What’s printing”

If you could see any print job that should not be there then you should stop or cancel it. In fact, it is in your hand, you can even clear the whole print queue if you want and start up fresh.

Method 6: Look For Paper Jam

Sometimes, we are not able to know about paper jam, especially when the jam has occurred because of small bits of paper or some foreign object. Even many people forget about the jam if they are using their printing device after a long time. This is why, there is nothing wrong in checking for paper jam and if you could find the one then please clear it out as it won’t let you resume your printing task.

If the problems don’t get resolved by following the instructions given here, then you should better consult a printer technician on Canon Printer Helpline Number UK, as they are the only one who can help you in such critical situation. They understand the machine better and can serve you with better and permanent solution for this issue. So, don’t wait for any miracle, simply make us a call and free yourself from printer worries.