What is the Use of HP Print & Scan Doctor?

Posted on : 11 September, 2018

HP Printers are known to deliver the best quality print in the most convenient manner. But remember that these printers like any other printer can come up with technical issues related to printer hardware and software. We cannot run to a technician for all printer related issues that is why HP has launched its own virtual technician in form of a printer tool known as HP Print & Scan Doctor. This is a kind of revolution in the printer market, one can use this tool to detect and troubleshoot your HP Printer related issue.

HP Print & Scan Doctor, as the name suggests can quickly address most printing and scanning issues. This is a free software utility that can be used on almost every version of Windows starting from Windows XP. However, you will not find any version of this software for Mac. If you encounter any printing issue on Mac then you need to connect with our printer technicians on HP Printer Helpline Number. This is the only way to find the solution for HP printer issues on Mac.

So, now the question arises what kind of issues can HP Print & Scan Doctor resolve? The software can detect a bunch of stuff and can fix them without much trouble. Some of the issues which can be resolved by this tool are mentioned below:

• Connectivity Problem: whether you are connected to the internet using a USB or through the network, it makes sure that your printer is properly connected. • Driver Checks: It makes sure that the driver is not corrupt or missing. It even diagnoses and resolves the issues related to outdated driver. • Driver Status: It checks your printer for errors related to printer driver like paper jam, offline status, out of paper etc. • Device Manager: It checks all the issues related to Device Manager. • Print Queue: If any document gets stuck in the print queue and preventing other documents from printing then this tool help you clear the print queue. • Port Match/ Device Conflict: It examines the port settings for the printer and makes sure that there is no device conflict with the printer like other printer drivers. • Apart from these, the tool also resolves scan error messages and firewall related issues.

To download this tool, please follow the given steps:
• Visit the HP Printer official website and search for HP Print & Scan Doctor. • Click the Download button. • Run the downloaded file and install it. • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

It is easy to use this software. Simply run a scan to diagnose and resolve printer and scanner related problems. In case, the software fails to resolve your concerned issue for any reason then call us at HP Printer Help Desk Number UK. If this tool fails then only our experts can help you deal with the problem. Our team of technicians is capable of resolving even the most complex issue related to your HP Printer. Call us to free yourself from printer issues.