What is the correct way to disable or Enable Internet Time on HP Computer windows 7?

Posted on : 31 August, 2018

This thing can’t be denied that HP Laptop is highly adopted device with the effective designing and extending durability. But still, people using it gets in trouble with the most unexpected technical issues. There can be any reason behind these technical problems.

You might get troubled of Computer clock issue when you use HP laptop. It might occur because of some software, hardware, or any other driver issues. But your focus must be on fixing the projected error as soon as possible. In case, you confront any other issue; connect the trained professionals at HP Support Number. And follow the below mentioned steps to clear off the issue:

• As the first step, you have to choose the shown hours in the taskbar and then you need to select the blue link Change date and times settings.
• After that, you have to click to Change the time zone and set the real time zone.
• Now, you must click the checkmark present next to automatically. And then adjust the clock for Daylight Saving Time when it hasn’t been chosen already. You can Click OK button after that.
• You can proceed to the Internet Time tab, and choose Change Settings.
• When asked of Admin password, you have to input the correct one for confirmation.
• Then, change the settings of automatically synchronize with an Internet time server by removing the checkmark when it is checked already. You should place the checkmark and choose the OK button and reboot the system.
• Now, you need to check the computer clock if you want to analyze if the issue is still there. If you see that the issue is not yet resolved, you need to follow the steps again for resetting the internet time settings back to its original condition.

If the problem is not yet resolved, you have to update the BIOS. If you are not able to fix the problem, you should connect the technical team available at HP Contact UK Number. Just pick up your phone and call at +44-0808-169-3106 toll free and get instant support for your laptop related issues. The technicians deployed here are very supportive as well as trained enough to support you at the time of need.