What Is McAfee Anti Spam And How Does It Work?

Posted on : 30 May, 2018

McAfee antivirus comes along with many advanced features. One of its useful features is the Anti-spam filter. Anti-spam filter verifies all incoming mails and sees to it if these mails are legitimate or not. In case, Anti-spam recognizes any spam or unsolicited email then it doesn’t allow that particular email to enter your inbox. Such mails are separated by McAfee and are moved to the Anti-spam folder. This way the software protects you from spam or phishing emails. Although, if you are already a victim of phishing mail then you can contact us at McAfee Helpline Number UK to find its solution.

Spam messages are always sent in bulk to promote something and on the other hand, phishing emails are sent to grab your personal information. These phishing attacks can make you lose your access to your account, your computer and even can make you bankrupt. You can use McAfee anti-spam to protect yourself from such emails. Anti-spam works perfectly with Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. Additionally, it works well with different browsers and types of email accounts like POP3, POP3 Webmail and MAPI.

It is you who decides how aggressively you want the anti-spam to work or what kind of message it should look for. You can even select the set of characters that to want to block. In fact, you can manage the filtered emails if you are using a webmail account. This feature is useful to check if Anti-spam is only filtering the unsolicited emails or it is even excluding legitimate one. Then accordingly you can either delete those filtered messages or move them to the safe folder. If your spam filter is not detecting the spam or marking a genuine mail as spam then you will need to adjust the setting of spam-filter and for that, you will have to connect with knowledgeable experts who work at McAfee Customer Care Number UK.

We are not yet finished with anti-spam filter benefits. This feature allows you to add friends to your Friends list to ensure that their emails are never filtered. This way you can save yourself from false positive cases. But in this case, you should be sure that you trust the sender. Not only this, you can also set up phishing protection to save yourself from phishing threats. Whenever you will click a link of the fraudulent website, you will be warned by anti-spam and then you will be redirected to the safe page. Now if you think that anti-spam is a barrier for you then also you do not have to worry as you can at anytime turn off the spam protection. So, what else can one ask for?