What is Kaspersky Trusted Zone and How to Create Exclusion?

Posted on : 05 June, 2018

Kaspersky Antivirus can perform different tasks to keep your computer protected from all sorts of online threats. If you want to run a full system scan then you have to be really patient as the scan process will not only take up a lot of time but it will also make your system slow. Thus, the user needs to set some rules of scanning and one of which is exclusion. But before we talk about the process of exclusion you should understand what trusted zone is and what exclusion rules are.

Trusted zone as the name suggests is a customized list of objects which you fully trust. These objects will be ignored by Kaspersky scanning. The exclusion list will not only save the time and resource of scanning, but it is also helpful in case when Kaspersky blocks the access to any of the legitimate program, file or website. Exclusion Rules are set of guidelines that decide when and how a particular object is ignored by Kaspersky from scanning.

You can exclude the following from scan process:

• Specific File format
• Application process
• Particular file by a mask
• Certain areas
• objects according to Virus Encyclopedia classification

If you have any question about anything, then consult our techies on Kaspersky Help Number UK. Now let us understand how you can create exclusion rules.

• Launch Kaspersky Internet Security and click on its Settings
• Then from the Settings window, click on the Additional section and select Threats and exclusions from the right pane.
• From the next window, click the “Configure exclusion rules” link
• This will open Exclusion rule window, now click Add button
• You will see Add a new exclusion window, now in Files or Folder section, click Browse.
• Now select the folder with that file or enter the file path to the file and click Select.
• After that, in the Object field, enter the name or a mask for the type of threat as per Virus Encyclopedia.
• In the Protection Component section, tick the checkbox of the components to which this rule is applicable.
• Select the rule as Active or Inactive.
• Then in the Add New Exclusion window, click Add.

Now you can close all the applications as exclusion rule is set. For those, who are unable to perform these steps can contact us on Kaspersky Technical Helpline Number UK. We will perform these steps on their behalf.