What Are the Methods to Cancel AVG Antivirus Subscription?

Posted on : 08 May, 2018

When you purchase and install AVG antivirus program in your system, it comes with a subscription. This subscription gets automatically renewed and you are notified about the same 15 days before renewal. In fact, users do receive prior intimation about upcoming renewal 45 days before through email. On the one hand, automatic renewal is a must as the user gets the continuous security of their device but on the other hand sometimes when the user is unwilling to continue with the same subscription but they are charged for the same. There are two different ways to cancel AVG antivirus subscription.

Method 1: By clicking cancellation link that you received in email

• Open the registered email ID
• Then look for the confirmation mail that you received at the time of purchase. It will be there with the subject “We’re keeping you protected and your subscription price update”.
• Open the mail and there you will find the process of cancellation.
• In some cases, when you click on the cancellation link, a website opens up. Click yes option for confirmation.
• You will receive a mail with subject “AVG subscription cancellation request”.
• Click the link given in that email to complete the process.

Note: In other cases, a subscription link website page opens up after selecting the link of cancellation. Simply, click the unsubscribe option to cancel the subscription.

Method 2: Use AVG My Account for Cancellation

• Open AVG official website and click on AVG My Account page.
• Choose wither sign-in or sign-out and fill up your details.
• After logging in, look for My Products from the list.
• Click the drop-down arrow to view the details of your product.
• Select “Cancel Subscription” and confirm your action by again clicking on cancel subscription.

This way you can cease further billing of your product. If you are having any issue with the cancellation process or you want to request your refund for the renewed subscription then you can consult printer experts to know the process. You can call professionals on AVG Customer Care Number UK and ask them to help you out. You can even call them to ask your other queries related to AVG antivirus.