Rectify Various Quality Issues in Epson Printer

Posted on : 04 April, 2018

Printers have overhauled the lives of corporate users with their comfortable functionality. They have grown their inevitability at every workplace across the globe. If you are searching for a multi functional printer, then there is none other better choice then Epson Printer. It is a worth spending printing unit that gives magical life to both your text documents and images. But with them, they can also generate technical faults that are too annoying for a user. If, ever you get any troublesome issue in your Epson Printer, you are suggested to talk to the skilled professionals on Epson Printer Helpdesk Number UK and get instant help in this regard.

Quality is what matters most when you are living in this definite world of flaws. Although, Epson has created a wide spectrum in the technological world but there are times, it become a troubling asset when starts creating problems in your path. Thus, it limits the people using it. Qualities concerning issues are the rocks in the way that make a user shift his/her choice to some other resource as bad print quality is not easy to fix. For resolving such errors, we have listed below the solutions to the most common print quality problems:

Faded Printouts :

As we all know, there is no use of it, if your printer gives out faded printouts. This situation has arrived as the ink or toner cartridges are probably almost empty. Keep checking the levels of the ink cartridges installed. Or this can be happened when the print density has been set to low or in Eco-mode. You can try setting it high or turn off the Eco-mode.

Smeared Printouts :

Printouts can be smeared up when you have not chosen the right quality of paper matching the paper setting in the printer. Or there are chances that your print head might not clean or aligned. Start running the cleaning program, and see the improvement in print quality. It can also be possible that the fuser assembly in your laser printer might be broken, replace it as soon as possible. The printout might also be smeared when the toner spill up in the device. What you need to do is to open the doors and clean out any spill you see.

Blurred Printouts :

Blur output are the result of wrong paper selection. They are not caused due to the ink or toner cartridges. You must have a look on the paper you have chosen as different papers have different designation. Some papers are supposed to be printed at one side only. At last, you must check if the paper setting is sufficient for the quality of your paper as it is different for plain and shinier paper both.

Printouts with Missing Characters :

This is likely to occur when the ink cartridge or print head nozzles might be clogged or when the printer cartridge is running out of ink or toner. You can go for cleaning print head so that the quality gets improved. You can try shaking your toner cartridge and put it back into the printing unit so that you can rectify the issue.

There are several errors coming under the category of quality issues like when you see vertical or horizontal lines on the print output or you might see white spots on the result. If this goes long, you can consult about this situation on Epson Printer Technical Helpline in the UK for the instant resolution. They promise to help you in the time of need. You can call them when you want.