How to Track Canon Printer Print Job In Better Way?

Posted on : 24 May, 2018

Before we start the actual topic it is necessary for a user to understand what is actually tracking a print job means. A print job tracking allows its user to keep all the tracks of print job on your computer. Let us say that you are having an Office Canon printer and one of your employees uses your printer to take our 50 pages for his or her personal use. In such a thing happens then through print job tracker you can easily find out who actually is using your printer.

Now the question arises how to track a print job. This is done through a print job tracking software. This software is specially designed to capture overall print related data starting from job name or the username who started the job. But not always does this software works with its optimum capabilities, sometime Canon printer print job tracking software just provide basic information which are hardly of any use. So, how can you improve print job tracking and get proper data from a user’s print activity which useful and beneficial? You can get to know about these tips and tricks from our printer executives on Canon Printer Technical Helpline UK. Some of the tips are mentioned here for your benefit.

• Learn About Organization’s Complete Print Environment: Print management solutions can better work only if it has a stable print environment. You cannot expect it to give you valuable data with geographically disturbed companies. As print management solution doesn’t come with centralized point of control thus getting proper data becomes difficult.

• Change The Data to Relevant Information: Now with the help of the software you can easily find out that some 50-70 employees take at least 100 color print every month. Although, if you see individually then this one empty taking 100 print might not affect the company much. But together the print cost may rise up to 1,00,000. The company needs to know the relevant information which is affecting them.

• Track Print Job role and time: It is quite common that your employee is taking print out at working hours but if someone is taking printouts at the late hours or at the end of their shift then that is little doubtful. We often advice our customer to take in account the role and time of the print jobs. They can do so with the help of their tracking software.

• Print Infrastructure Matters: You can also find out about print jobs through print infrastructure. You should keep a check on your printer hardware. Many print tracking software support SNMP monitoring which allows you to have a record of individual printer status. You can check long term data to find out if your Canon printer is performing its duty in a proper manner.

We understand that it is easy to explain things here but not easy to follow them practically. Thus, we have opened a helpline for our customers where they can directly get in touch with our printer experts and ask them to assist them in real time. These techies are available on Canon Technical Support United Kingdom (Toll Free ) 0808-169-3106. Just give a call at this number to learn more about this software and its usage.