How to Temporarily Disable Norton Services?

Posted on : 17 July, 2018

Although Norton antivirus and its services are designed to keep your system safe from cyber threats. But at times it interferes with the installation of the certain program and visiting legitimate websites. This is a common scenario for Norton users. The user has various options to avoid this situation, either they can set exclusion of sites and program or they can even temporarily disable Norton services so that in that time they could freely use their computer. However, if you ask Norton technicians of Norton Customer Care Toll Free then they won’t suggest you to disable this program as it can lean your online security at stake. But still, if you have decided to disable Norton services then follow the instructions given here and don’t forget to re-enable them:

Steps to Disable Norton Antivirus & Its Smart Firewall

• Right-click the Norton Internet Security icon from the system tray and click Disable Smart Firewall.
• To disable it temporarily click “Select the duration” dropdown from the Security request window. Then decide the duration and click OK.

Note: It is suggested that you should only shut down the Firewall for a limited duration. For example, if you have turned it off to install a program then select the duration accordingly.

• Then click Disable Antivirus and here again select the duration for which you want to disable the program and click OK.

Remember: Once you have disabled Firewall and Antivirus both, your system becomes vulnerable to threats.

Step to Turn off Norton Automatic Renewal

• Login to Norton Management Website using your Norton Account credentials.
• Then go to “Automatic Renewal”. You will see all the products that automatically get renewed each year.
• Use the slider of automatic renewal to turn it off and then click Turn Off on the pop-up window.
• Logout of Norton Account.
• Now you won’t be billed by Norton automatically for renewal. Instead, it will ask you to renew your program.

Correct Process to Disable Norton Toolbar

• To disable Norton Browser toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox, simply click the “View” button and select “Toolbars”. There uncheck the toolbar of Norton and click OK to save the changes. In case, you want to re-enable it then you just need to check the box of Norton toolbar again.
• If you want to disable Norton Toolbar in Google Chrome then go to Chrome’s menu and select Tools from there. Then click “Extensions” and uncheck “Enabled” to turn off the Toolbar. You can anytime enable it again.
• In case you want to hide Norton Toolbar from Chrome then right-click Norton’s icon and click Hide button. You can unhide it from Extension menu anytime. This toolbar helps you identify the safe websites.

If you want to disable or turn off other components of Norton program, then you should consult our technicians on Norton Helpline Support Phone Number UK. They will suggest you if you can disable the component or not and if you should disable it or not. Apart from this, they will also guide you the exact process for the same.