How to Disable Specific Component of AVG?

Posted on : 01 June, 2018

Different components of AVG together works for the protection of your computer, but sometimes for some reason we have to disable a particular component. If you want to disable all the components together then first consult with our tech experts on AVG Support Number UK. They will also guide you the process to disable AVG. You need to follow different procedure to disable specific components. Let us discuss them.

Note: The steps given here are only applicable for AVG antivirus or AVG Internet Security.

1. Computer Protection: This components make sure that your device is safe from inside even though if it is not connected to internet. It detects all types of threats and removes them. To disable it follow these steps:
• Open AVG program and click on Computer component.
• After that, from the Antivirus section, drag the switch to make it red (disable).

2. Identity Protection: It monitors all running application and processes to make sure that there is no malicious activity taking place. It even cross-checks that your personal information is not misused by anyone.
• Open AVG program and click on Identity component.
• Now from Identity protection section, slide the button to red to disable it.
• From Identity Alert section also click the switch to make it red (disable).

3. Firewall: It control the network traffic of your computer. You can adjust it to allow or block the connection to the network. It even keeps an eye on sent and received data over the internet.
• Open AVG program and click the Firewall component.
• Now from next to the Firewall Mode option, click Change.
• Then select the option “Turn Firewall Protection Off” and click Ok.

4. Email Protection: It protects your emails from virus, spyware and spam mails.
• Launch AVG program and click on E-mails component.
• Then go to the E-mails scanner section and from there drag the switch to disable it.
• Following it, go to Anti-spam section and disable it as well by dragging its switch to red.

5. Web Browsing Protection: Basically this is meant to protect your device from all sorts of internet threats including virus, spyware and malicious websites.
• Launch AVG program and select Web Browsing component.
• Then from the Link Scanner Surf Shield section, drag the switch to make it red, which means disabled.
• Now go to the Online Shield section and click the switch to disable it.

Don’t forget to enable them once you are done with the task for which you disabled them. In case, you have any other issue with your AVG program then you can contact us at AVG Phone Number UK for further assistance.