How to Block a Website Using Norton Antivirus?

Posted on : 11 May, 2018

Norton has a special online service known as Norton Family. This is free software that allows the user to allow or block any specific website or webpage on the computer. You can use this program for multiple purposes. It can be used to protect children from using unsafe and inappropriate sites and it can also be used by an employer to prevent the use of potentially dangerous website on their computer. You just need to add a particular website and after that, it will be blocked and no one could then access it. You can either take help from Norton experts by dialing Norton Help Number UK or try to perform the given steps for website blocking.

The first thing that user needs to do is to install Norton Family application as after that only they will be able to use this site blocking feature.

• Open Norton Family website and login with to your Norton account.
• Click “Norton Family Download” link which is located at the bottom of the page and click Download.
• Save the downloaded file on the hard disk.
• Double click the installer and then follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
• Once installation process gets finished, click Finish and then launch your Norton Family utility.
• Now you need to fill your email address and password in the Parent sign.
• Then add your computer and click OK.
• Next to user, there is a Change button, click it and then tap on “Uses These Logins” and then select the account used by your child, client or employee.
• Lastly, click OK and then click Finish.

Although your Norton Family is activated still you are not done yet, you add a website to the block list. Follow the directions given here for the same:

• Login to your Norton Account on Norton family website.
• Then click Settings and tap on the picture of the user for whom you want to edit.
• From the Navigation pane, click “Web” and then drag the Web Supervision button to on position and click Save.
• Now repeat the first two steps and then click “Specific Website to block” in the website setting section.
• Then enter the URL of a website into the “Enter a website” field and then click “Add to List” button.
• Finally, click save to block that particular website.

In case, you want to allow any particular site using this same application then you can take help from experts on Norton Contact Number UK.