How Can I Check for Available Updates in McAfee?

Posted on : 13 July, 2018

Just installing an antivirus program in your PC doesn’t provide you with full protection. You have to take care of certain things as well to make sure that your computer is safe. One thing that any antivirus user should keep in mind is that their antivirus program is up-to-date. Updating an antivirus is necessary so that it can fight with unknown and new viruses.

Like other security programs, McAfee also updates its virus and malware definition, performance tweaks and software patches from time to time. For better performance of software with enhanced security, you must download and install these updates. Some users commit the mistake in turning off automatic updates just because they get alerts from McAfee. But it is highly recommended by experts of McAfee Helpline Contact Phone Number that you should keep automatic update turned on.

You can check for updates of most McAfee antivirus and security programs by following the instructions given here:

• Right click the McAfee icon from the system tray and click on Updates.
• Then point to check now.
• Click Check for updates to let McAfee begin the search.

There is another way as well. You just need to double-click your McAfee icon to open McAfee Security Center console. There you will see security and update information of your computer. There you need to click on Update and then choose the option “Check for Update”. Meanwhile the software search for updates, you can continue with your other works. Once the search and update are finished, you will see the message saying your programs are up-to-date. Click the done button to exit update section and if asked then restart your computer.

The process for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is a bit different from what we have discussed above. For this, you need to right click M icon and then click Update Now. This makes McAfee search for software updates, performance patches and virus definitions. Once McAfee is done, you will see a message saying the update is successfully installed. Then you can close McAfee VirusScan console. You can also consult our McAfee executives on McAfee Antivirus Customer Support Number UK. Only they can guide you in the best manner.

You also have the option to update McAfee manually. Remember that McAfee update files are known as DAT file. Open Google or Bing search engine and type “Download DAT file for McAfee”, you can also mention your McAfee version if you want and then click enter. You will see DAT file download result, click any McAfee link, then download and save file. Open the downloaded file and click the Run button. After this, follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation. Once you are done, you need to restart your computer.

You can also set your McAfee program to automatically download updates. For this, right click on M icon and go to Updates. After that, point to Configure Now and select Install the updates automatically and notify me when the product is updated. Click OK to save and apply the changes made by you. If you still have any other question then feel free to connect with McAfee Customer Care.