How and Why to Scan Through Kaspersky in Safe Mode?

Posted on : 01 August, 2018

Safe mode is another way to boot your Windows operating system. It becomes easier to diagnose a Windows issue in safe mode. A computer that is infected with malware and is crashing frequently due to buggy drivers can only be started in Safe mode. When you start your system in safe mode it only loads the operating system, essential drivers and display mode. Apart from these, no other software or driver get loaded thus it becomes easy for the user to detect and remove malware without hampering other software in PC.

Kaspersky is a great tool through which you can free your system from any threat or infection. If your PC is having an issue of malware or other security threats then you can choose to scan your PC in safe mode. This way, you can get rid of the malware without affecting your PC. Safe mode is a great way to get rid of malicious software and applications. You can follow the guidelines given here by our technical expert to scan your system using Kaspersky in safe mode. If you want to get directly in touch with these technicians then you can do so by giving them a call at Kaspersky Help Number UK.

Steps to Run Kaspersky in Safe Mode

• Install Kaspersky in your system if it is not already there.
• Restart your computer.
• When your system is booting up, press F8 and keep it pressed until you see a Window Boot Screen appears.
• Now you will be able to see a few options, select “Safe Mode” from them.
• If you want to boot in safe mode along with networking then choose the option that says “Safe Mode with Networking”. This way you will be able to use the internet as well.
• Press Enter.
• On the Windows Login screen, enter your username and password to log in.
• If computer confirms you that you want to continue booting in safe mode then please do so.
• Now once your computer finished loading, you can start your Kaspersky program to scan your PC.
• Then select the Full system scan to ensure complete security.
• Once the scan process is finished and you have taken appropriate action for detected infections and malware (if any), please restart your computer.
• Restarting will boot your system normally.

In case, restarting doesn’t start your system in normal mode then do consult our technicians for assistance by dialing them at Kaspersky Phone Number UK. Our technical experts will guide in a step-by-step manner so that you don’t face any issue.